Service Management Online, Creating a Successful Service Request Catalogue

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Phyllis Drucker is a service management and leadership expert with over 20 years of experience in Business/IT Strategy, enterprise service management, governance, customer service and support, ITSM tool implementation, including the service portal and service request catalogue, HR automation, leadership, and team building. Her specialty is looking at innovative approaches to how people work that use today's digital solutions: taking advantage of technological advances to transform how service and support are delivered.
This is a practical guide for anyone involved with the creation and development of efficient service request catalogues for consumer and business services. In order to have smooth online transactions, the service request catalogue is critical. This publication will benefit not only those in IT, but also those who need to oversee delivery of an automated catalogue to ensure optimal implementation for a successful customer experience. This is a frequently confused area and the author provides practical guidance as well as distinguish the differences between defined services and requests associated with them. Also included are topics such as integrating governance, tool considerations and catalogue measurement and improvement. Key Features Practical guide to implementing a service request catalogue Background information on defining services and service offerings How to streamline request fulfilment processes Tips and tricks for designing an effective service portal and service request catalogue A guide on how to select the right tools How to measure success and integrate governance Strategies for ensuring adoption First title on this topic written by a highly experienced author

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