DNA and Biotechnology

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By Dr. I. Edward Alcamo
1. The roots of DNA Research 2. The Double Helix 3. DNA in Action 4. Tools of the DNA Trade 5. Working with DNA 6. Human Genomics 7. Bioinformatics 8. DNA in Froensics 9. Exploring Cell Fate 10. Genetic Diseases 11. Gene Therapy 12. Stem Cell Research 13. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 14. Animal Biotechnology 15. Agricultural Biotechnology 16. Genes and Race

Appropriate for a wide range of disciplines, from biology to non-biology, law and nursing majors, DNA and Biotechnology uses a straightforward and comprehensive writing style that gives the educated layperson a survey of DNA by presenting a brief history of genetics, a clear outline of techniques that are in use, and highlights of breakthroughs in hot topic scientific discoveries.

  • Engaging and straightforward scientific writing style
  • Comprehensive forensics chapter
  • Parallel Pedagogic material designed to help both readers and teachers
  • Highlights in the latest scientific discoveries
  • Outstanding full-color illustration that walk reader through complex concepts

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