Algal Culturing Techniques

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1. Historical Review of Algal Culturing Techniques
2. Freshwater Culture Media
3. Marine Culture Media
4. Trace Metal Ion Buffers and Their Use in Culture Studies
5. Sterilization and Sterile Technique
6. Traditional Microalgae Isolation Techniques
7. Automated Isolation Techniques for Microalgae
8. Purification Methods for Microalgae
9. Isolation and Purification Techniques for Macroalgae
10. Perpetual Maintenance of Actively Metabolizing Microalgal Cultures
11. Long Term Macroalgal Culture Maintenance
12. Cryopreservation Methods for Maintaining Microalgal Cultures
13. Photobioreactors and Fermentors: The Light and Dark Sides of Growing Algae
14. Culturing Microalgae in Outdoor Ponds
15. Mariculture of Seaweeds
16. Counting Cells in Culture Using the Light Microscope
17. Phytoplankton Cell Counting by Flow Cytometry
18. Measuring Growth Rates in Microalgal Cultures
19. Using Cultures to Investigate the Physiological Ecology of Microalgae
20. Analysis of Algal Pigments by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
21. Endogenous Rhythms and Daylength Effects in Macroalgal Development
22. Viral Contamination of Algal Cultures
23. Control of Sexual Reproduction in Algae in Culture
24. Microalgal Life Cycle Dynamics: Encystment and Excystment
25. Cultures as a Means of Protecting Biological Resources: Ex-situ Conservation of Threatened Algal Species

Algal Culturing Techniques is a comprehensive reference on all aspects of the isolation and cultivation of marine and freshwater algae, including seaweeds. It is divided into seven parts that cover history, media preparation, isolation and purification techniques, mass culturing techniques, cell counting and growth measurement techniques, and reviews on topics and applications of algal culture techniques for environmental investigations.

Algal Culturing Techniques was developed to serve as both a new textbook and key reference for phycologists and others studying aquatic systems, aquaculture and environmental sciences. Students of algal ecology, marine botany, marine phycology, and microbial ecology will enjoy the hands-on methodology for culturing a variety of algae from fresh and marine waters. Researchers in industry, such as aquaculture, pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, and biotechnology companies will find an authoritative and comprehensive reference.

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