Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Physical and Numerical Aspects
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Cushman-Roisin, BenoitBenoit Cushman-Roisin is Professor of Engineering Sciences at Dartmouth College, where he has been on the faculty since 1990. His teaching includes a series of introductory, mid-level, and advanced courses in environmental engineering. He has also developed new courses in sustainable design and industrial ecology. Prof. Cushman-Roisin holds a B.S. in Engineering Physics, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Liège, Belgium (1978) and a Ph.D. in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics from the Florida State University (1980). He is the author of two books and numerous refereed publications on various aspects of environmental fluid mechanics. In addition to his appointment at Dartmouth College, Prof. Cushman-Roisin maintains an active consultancy in environmental aspects of fluid mechanics and energy efficiency He is co-founder of e2fuel LLC, a startup dedicated to aviation and trucking fuel from clean sources. He is the founding editor of Environmental Fluid Mechanics.

I Fundamentals 1. Introduction 2. The Coriolis Force 3. Equations of Fluid Motion 4. Equations Governing Geophysical Flows 5. Diffusive Processes 6. Transport and Fate

II Rotation Effects 7. Geostrophic Flows and Vorticity Dynamics 8. Ekman layer 9. Barotropic Waves 10. Barotropic Instability

III Stratification Effects 11. Stratification 12. Layered Models 13. Internal Waves 14. Turbulence in Stratified Fluids

IV Combined Rotation and Stratification Effects 15. Dynamics of Stratified Rotating Flows 16. Quasi-Geostrophic Dynamics 17. Instabilities of Rotating Stratified Flows 18. Fronts, Jets and Vortices

V Special Topics 19. Atmospheric General Circulation 20. Oceanic General Circulation 21. Equatorial Dynamics 22. Data Assimilation

VI Web-site information

Appendix A: Elements of Fluid Mechanics B: Wave Kinematics C: Recapitulation of Numerical Schemes

Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics provides an introductory-level exploration of geophysical fluid dynamics (GFD), the principles governing air and water flows on large terrestrial scales. Physical principles are illustrated with the aid of the simplest existing models, and the computer methods are shown in juxtaposition with the equations to which they apply. It explores contemporary topics of climate dynamics and equatorial dynamics, including the Greenhouse Effect, global warming, and the El Nino Southern Oscillation.

  • Combines both physical and numerical aspects of geophysical fluid dynamics into a single affordable volume
  • Explores contemporary topics such as the Greenhouse Effect, global warming and the El Nino Southern Oscillation
  • Biographical and historical notes at the ends of chapters trace the intellectual development of the field
  • Recipient of the 2010 Wernaers Prize, awarded each year by the National Fund for Scientific Research of Belgium (FNR-FNRS).

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