Translation Initiation: Cell Biology, High-Throughput and Chemical-Based Approaches

Volume 431
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Chapter 1
In vivo deletion analysis of the architecture of a multi-protein complex of translation initiation factors.
Klaus H. Nielsen and Leos Valásek

Chapter 2
An approach to studying the localization and dynamics of eukarayotic translation factors in live yeast cells
Susan G. Campbell and Mark P Ashe

Chapter 3
In Vitro and Tissue Culture Methods for Analysis of Translation Initiation on the Endoplasmic Reticulum
Samuel B. Stephens and Christopher V. Nicchitti

Chapter 4
Mammalian Stress Granules and Processing Bodies
Nancy Kedersha and Paul Anderson

Chapter 5
Methods to Analyse MircroRNA-meciated control of mRNA translation
Jennifer L. Clancy, Marco Nousch, David T. Humphreys, Belinda J. Westman, Traude H. Beilharz, Thomas Preiss

Chapter 6
Methods for studying signal-dependent regulation of translation factor activity and its role in disease
Christopher Proud

Chapter 7
Analysis of mRNA Translation in Cultured Hippocampal Neurons
Yi-Shuian Huang and Joel D. Richter

Chapter 8
Detecting ribosomal association with the 5' leader of mRNAs by Ribosome Density Mapping (RDM)
Naama Eldad and Yoav Arava

Chapter 9
Genome-wide analysis of mRNA polysomal profiles with spotted DNA microarrays
Daniel Melamed and Yoav Arava

Chapter 10
Synthesis of Anti-Reverse Cap Analogs (ARCAs) and Their Applications in mRNA Translation and Stability
Ewa Grudzien-Nogalska, Janusz Stepinski, Jacek Jemielity, Joanna Zuberek, Ryszard Stolarski, Robert E. Rhoads, Edward Darzynkiewicz*

Chapter 11
Methods for identifying compounds that specifically target translation
Letizia Brandi, Attilio Fabbretti, Pohl Milon, Marcello Carotti, Cynthia L. Pon, Claudio O. Gualerzi

Chapter 12
Identifying Small Molecule Inhibitors of Eukaryotic Translation Initiation
Regina Cencic, Francis Robert, Jerry Pelletier

Chapter 13
Identification of the targets of drugs affecting eukaryotic translation initiation
Jun Liu

Chapter 14
Purification of FLAG-tagged Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 2B Complexes, Sub-complexes and Fragments from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Sarah S. Mohammad-Qureshi, Raphael Haddad, Karen S. Palmer, Jonathan P. Richardson, Edith Gomez, Graham D. Pavitt
For over fifty years the Methods in Enzymology series has been the critically aclaimed laboratory standard and one of the most respected publications in the field of biochemistry. The highly relevant material makes it an essential publication for researchers in all fields of life and related sciences. This volume, the third of three on the topic of Translation Initiation includes articles written by leaders in the field.

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