An Introduction to Trading in the Financial Markets

Global Markets, Risk, Compliance, and Regulation
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Williams, R. "Tee"R. "Tee" Williams is an expert on market data operations and strategy.
Part 1: Global Markets
Part 2: Regulation
Part 3: Risk
Part 4: Compliance
Part 5: Playing the Game
Succeeding in the financial markets requires a mastery of many disciplines. Mastery begins with understanding the actors, rules, and dynamics and the ways in which they interact. This volume, the last of a 4-volume series, presents a broad perspective on key subjects such as regulation and compliance, risk and ways to mitigate it, and the directions in which trading markets might evolve. Like its predecessors, it presents alternative versions of the future: will the sell side or buy side come to dominate, for example, and how might new technologies shape global markets? Mastery of the financial markets begins with its authoritative, heavily illustrated presentation.

  • Presents a high-level view of global financial markets, including institutions, instruments, and dynamic interactions
  • Describes the assumptions and expectations of market participants
  • Heavily illustrated so readers can easily understand advanced materials

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