International Money and Finance
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International Money and Finance

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Michael Melvin
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Michael Melvin is with the Rady School of Management at UCSD where he coordinates and teaches in the Master of Finance program. Prior roles include Managing Director and Head of Currency and Fixed Income Research at BlackRock, Adjunct Professor at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, Co-editor of the Journal of International Money & Finance, and Professor of Economics at Arizona State University.
I . The International Monetary Environment

1. The Foreign Exchange Market 2. International Monetary Arrangements 3. The Balance of Payments

II. International Parity Conditions

4. Forward-looking Instruments 5. Eurocurrency Markets 6. Interest Rates and Exchange Rates: Covered Interest Rate Parity 7. Prices and Exchange Rates: PPP

III. Risk and International Capital Flows

8. Foreign Exchange Risk and Forecasting 9. Financial Management of the Multinational Firm 10. International Portfolio Investment 11. Direct Foreign Investment and International Lending

IV. Modeling the Exchange Rate and Balance of Payments

12. Elasticity and Absorption models 13. The IS-LM-BP Approach 14. The Monetary Approach 15. Extensions and challenges to the Monetary Approach
Its high-level perspective on the global economy differentiates this introduction to international finance from other textbooks. Melvin and Norrbin provide essential information for those who seek employment in multinational industries, while competitors focus on standard economic tools and financial management skills. Readers learn how to reach their own conclusions about trends and new developments, not simply function within an organization. The 8 th edition, newly updated and expanded, offers concise descriptions, current case studies, and new pedagogical materials to help readers make sense of global finance.

Introduces international finance to readers with diverse backgrounds who want jobs in international investment, international banking, and multinational corporations
Describes a nuanced view of international finance by drawing on material from the fields of theoretical finance and international macro-finance
Features 100% revised chapters, new pedagogical content, and online supplementary materials

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