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Shall Woman Preach? Or the Question Answered

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Mrs. Louisa M. Woosley
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Finally, this little volume is given to the public, with the sincere desire on the part of the author, to promote Bible truths, and to aid others in deciding to help us in the spread of the gospel. My chief design has been to be a guide to those Who are earnestly desiring to know the truth on this much-[vexed question; to afford a con cise, yet comprehensive, Bible argument for tbc benefit of the mass of common readers; to aid in procuring, if possible, more uniformity of sentiment and practice in the Church to which the author esteems it an honor to belong. I ask the reader to divest himself of all preju dice; to read this little volume carefully and prayer fully, before he comes to the conclusion that it teaches error. Be sure that you can prove by the Word of God that it is wrong. If you cannot disprove the author's position by a Thus saith the Lord, then have the courage of conviction to embrace all the truth herein taught. And now may the Holy One in Israel, in whose Church there is neither male nor female, enlighten you, and lead you into all truth, and enable you to be ready always to give every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.

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