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Astrology, Science of Knowledge and Reason

A Treatise on the Heavenly Bodies in an Easy and Comprehensive Form
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Ellen H. Bennett
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By referring to the diagram of the solar man in this book will be seen the signs that belong to the human body, showing their relatedness to the respective functions of the human system as ruled by the twelve signs of the Zodiac. And by referring to the seven planets in their respective position, one can soon ascertain the nature of the troubles that may be located in the nervous system, whether in mind, anxiety, or bodily disease. I would like to call attention to Horary Astrology, a subject in this work which may be speedily learned by any person of even moderate education, and may, as far as re gards its elementary difficulties, be mastered in a few days study.' It may be. Well understood and reduced to con stant practice in less than three months, and no one will find himself at a loss for occasions to test its reality or its utility, for his own avocations, and the affairs of his friends, will offer these almost daily. If a proposition of any nature be made to any individual, about the result of which he is anxious, and therefore uncertain whether to accede to it or not, let him but note the hour and minute when it was first made, and erect a figure of the heavens, as herein taught, and his doubts will be instantly resolved. He. May thus, in five minutes, learn infallibly whether the affair will succeed or not and, consequently, whether it is prudent to adopt the Offer made or not. To make Horary Astrology more easy, it is necessary to ascertain the hour of sunrise in whatever part of the world one may be, Which can be found in the almanac or the daily newspaper, and so follow the hour of sunrise during each day of the week.

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