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Autor: I. H. Hirschfeld
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The Heart and Blood-Vessels

Their Care and Cure and the General Management of the Body
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The Report on National Vitality, its Waste and Conservation, for the National Conservation Commission in states that three million peo ple are sick every day in the United States, and that half of them suffer from preventable diseases. This number is increased by at least two millions when we include the mentally defective criminal and the partially disabled neurasthenic. If it is true that God made man after his image, then we must have changed the likeness when we are subject to so much misery. If we consider the white man as the highest type in evolution, then he represents a product Of environment and an ad justment to this earth. One must fit the other and sickness should be something entirely out of the ordi nary and not an every-day occurrence. The reason so many people are sick lies in our wrong manner of living; we have forgotten that the laws of nature can not be broken with impunity by the laws and actions of man.

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Autor: I. H. Hirschfeld
ISBN-13 :: 9780243631902
ISBN: 0243631901
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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