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Autor: Christina Sinclair Bremner
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Education of Girls and Women in Great Britain

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IN tracing the history of any movement, the rate of development at different periods varies strikingly. There may be no growth for a long time occasionally the tide of progress may appear even to ?ow back; the spirit of a great reform dies out, and the customs and traditions which have grown up around that reform become a dead weight to hamper progress. Then faint signs of life are to be seen by those who are on the watch, half hearted protests against traditions, here and there revolts quickly quelled, and some discontent. These are promises of future life and vigour. Suddenly the scene is changed, or rather, it appears to be sudden to the casual observer; it is but the ending of a series of events to those who have watched carefully. We have an outburst of Utopian schemes, many brave beginnings, and many failures. All seems chaos for the time being; currents cross and re-cross the eternal struggle between the conservative element and the progressive element in humanity is intensified. Gradually out of disorder comes order and rest. But the world is not as it was: the trend of progress is altered; new forces have probably come into Operation.

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Autor: Christina Sinclair Bremner
ISBN-13 :: 9780243631919
ISBN: 024363191X
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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