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Autor: Meerza Mohammad Ibraheem
ISBN-13: 9780243648511
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Grammar of the Persian Language

To Which Are Subjoined, Several Dialogues; With an Alphabetical List of the English and Persian Terms of Grammar, and an Appendix on the Use of Arabic Words
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A foreigner, who is under the necessity of addressing the natives of a country in their own language, must throw himself upon their candid and indulgent criticism. However familiar he may have become with their speech, for the purpose of daily life — whatever pains he may have taken to make himself acquainted with the style of their standard authors — he cannot fail to be aware, that there are peculiarities of expression and construction in all languages, which those who speak them as their native tongues practise unconsciously, but which a stranger can scarcely ever hope to command at will. Impressed, deeply, with a true sense of my own deficiencies, I therefore, with unfeigned humility, solicit the indulgence of my readers to the composition of the following pages; in which, for reasons sufficiently obvious, I, a native of Persia, undertake to communicate the elements of Persian Grammar to English Students, in an English dress. At the same time, I may so far venture to feel confident that my meaning will be found to be intelligibly conveyed, as the kind supervision of a liberal and benevolent friend has removed the likelihood of any material mistakes.

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Autor: Meerza Mohammad Ibraheem
ISBN-13 :: 9780243648511
ISBN: 0243648510
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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