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Autor: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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Encyclopædia Metropolitana

Or, System of Universal Knowledge; On a Methodical Plan; Greek and Roman Philosophy and Science
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It is difficult to picture the succession of events that compose the history of a nation in any other way than by associating them with the fortunes of individuals. Hence the common complaint that, instead of the histories of peoples, we have only the lives of kings and military leaders. Historians find that this is the readiest way to connect the events, and render them easily remembered.The same expedient is, perhaps, still more necessary in tracing the progress of human opinions. The history of thoughts is best understood and remembered in connection with the history of the thinkers. Those 'airy nothings' can hardly become fixed objects in the memory, but by giving them ' a local habitation and a name;' and a necessary commentary on the writings or doctrines of a philosopher, is a knowledge of the character and environment of the man.It is on this principle that, in the present volume, the History of ancient Philosophy and Science is associated with Biographical notices of the leading thinkers and writers. As it is hardly to be supposed that one man should be equally conversant with all the parts of so extensive a subject, the several sketches that compose the volume have been contributed by different hands.

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Autor: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
ISBN-13 :: 9780243649037
ISBN: 0243649037
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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