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The Arab Conquests in Central Asia

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The first draft of this work was presented to the University of London in December 1921, under the title of "The Arab Conquest of Transoxania", as a thesis for the degree of Master of Arts, and was approved by the Senate in January 1922, for publication as such. During the year my attention was taken up in other directions and, except for the publication of two studies on the subject in the Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, nothing further was done until by the generosity of the Trustees of the Forlong Bequest Fund an opportunity of publication was offered. In its present form the work has been largely rewritten and revised. It makes no claim to present a complete historical account of the Arabs in Central Asia, but is intended solely as a critical study of the authorities in greater detail than has hitherto been made. Much is therefore omitted because it has already been dealt with in the standard histories. In order to keep down the cost of publication, the extensive references which originally accompanied the text have been cut down to a few notes at the end of each chapter. No references arc given when, as in the great majority of cases, the authority for the statements made can easily be found in the appropriate place either in Tabari or Baladhuri.I regret that several works which are indispensable for a thorough study of the subject have, for linguistic reasons, been inaccessible to me. Such are van Vloten's Opkomst der Abbasiden, and almost the whole range of Russian research work.

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Autor: H. A. R. Gibb
ISBN-13 :: 9780243649174
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