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Autor: Julius Grunwald
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The Theory and Practice of Enamelling on Iron and Steel

With Historical Notes on the Use of Enamel
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The manufacture of enamelled ware is carried on to greater extent in Germany and France than else where. This treatise is from the pen of a German technologist of iwide experience in enamel works, and who is now the chief Chemist and director of large works in the French centre of the industry. The book deals more especially with the process of enamelling hollow — ware. It gives a description of the raw material, used in enamelling; it explains the action and the cfiect of each substance, and states the chemical combinations which take place. A number Of mixtures are given for Obtaining given eeects or colourings. The process of enamelling is followed up in detail from the mixing, melting, and grinding of the enamel components; the annealing and pickling of the sheets and castings; the appli cation Oi the enamel; the burning, decorating, etc. It also compares utensils made of enamelled ware with similar ones made Of nickel and aluminium. The book abounds in instructive matter which throws much light on the intricacies Of a branch of industry in which very few people are posted, and it is hoped that this English edition will be found.

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Autor: Julius Grunwald
ISBN-13 :: 9780243650897
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Sprache: Englisch
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