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Autor: Harold North Fowler
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A Handbook of Greek Archaeology

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This manual is intended primarily for the use of students who expect to pursue the study of Greek Archaeology seriously, but it may also be of use to those who desire only a general knowledge of the subject. Neither the serious student at the beginning of his course of study nor the general reader should be disturbed by a discussion of conflicting theories. Matters con cerning which some degree of certainty has not been attained have, therefore, been in great measure omitted. The attempt has been made to avoid a very detailed treatment of the subject matter, though in the discussion of technical processes, espe cially those of architecture, it was necessary to include a good many details, chie?y because a knowledge of them is needful to the student and is not easily accessible.' Few entire cate gories of works of art have (like the carvings in ivory) been completely omitted, though some (tug. Terracotta reliefs) have been treated very brie?y, since the size of the book was limited. In the chapter on Vases, footnotes have been used more freely than elsewhere, owing to the fact that the material for illustra tion and detailed study is scattered and not always easily found.

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Autor: Harold North Fowler
ISBN-13 :: 9780243652679
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Sprache: Englisch
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