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Euclid's Elements of Geometry

The First Six Books, Chiefly From the Text of Dr. Simson, With Explanatory Notes; A Serles of Questions on Each Book; And a Selection of Geometrical Exercises From the Senate-House and College Examination Papers; With Hints, &C
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For the very favourable reception which both Editions have met with, the Editor's grateful acknowledgements are due. It has been his desire in putting forth a revised Edition of the School Euclid, to render the work in some degree more worthy of the favour which the former editions have received. In the present Edition several errors and oversights have been corrected and some additions made to the notes: the questions on each book have been considerably augmented and a better arrangement of the Geometrical Exercises has been attempted and lastly, some hints and remarks on them have been given to assist the learner. The additions made to the present Edition amount to more than fifty pages, and, it is hoped, that they will render the work more useful to the learner. And here an occasion may be taken to quote the opinions of some able men respecting the use and importance of the Mathematical Sciences.

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