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Autor: A. A. Fabius
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Cucumber Growing Under Glass

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I would impress upon my readers one fact of the most vital importance, that to be a successful cucumber grower, all depends upon the man; no amount of advice, instruction, or assistance can be of any use in the absence of that one condition I now refer to as necessary to success. A cucumber grower must study his plants night and day, he must be ever vigilant to supply all their wants, and yet at the same time not to glut them. He must ever have a watchful eye for the first appearance of any insect pest or disease which time after time may arise from unsuitable conditions, from invisible insect pests already in the soil, etc., in a word, the active hand must ever be controlled by the active brain. There is no department in horticulture which requires so much skill and observation, so much practice and experience as does the growing of cucumbers. It is the highest form of intense culture, the quickest process of all known in gardening for transforming the materials. Of the soil into food for man. N o mention is made in this little work of any particular cucumber, the writer having so many friends in the trade, an ex planation which he hopes will be well understood.

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Autor: A. A. Fabius
ISBN-13 :: 9780243668069
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Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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