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Autor: Reuben Parsons
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Some Lies and Errors of History

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In choosing his subjects, the author has sufiered from an embarrassment of riches, and he has fancied that he was about to imitate the child who tried to clear away the ocean. With a spoon. Several volumes would be required for an exposition of merely the most prominent of the Lies and Errors of History. We do not threaten the libraries with any polemical avalanche, but we do propose soon to put forth another efiort in the good cause. An endeavor to dislodge the Spirit of falsehood from the position to which it has been elevated by those writers whom De Maistre, with but little exaggeration, charges with having entered into a deliberate conspiracy against truth, may be an attempt to emulate the labors of Sisyphus. But some measure of success is attainable. That error which precedes truth isonly an ignorance of it; that which follows is a hatred of truth. They who form the first class of the two into which Valery would thus properly divide the victims of historical heterodoxy, are amenable to conviction, and to their assistance this volume is dedicated. R. P.

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Autor: Reuben Parsons
ISBN-13 :: 9780243675517
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