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Autor: C. A. Foley Rhys Davids
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Kant on Education

Ueber Pädagogik, Translated by Annette Churton
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Being in his hand and accessible to his hearers, probably required no memoranda for exposition and criticism of it. Whether he expounded andhis pupil to posterity consists simply of a number of independent re?ections, of criticisms not relating to Book, of series of apophthegms, suggestive points, aperqus, with here and there digression and repetition.1 Above all we feel that, according to his usual method, the master is addressing the average youth among his listeners. The toughest things of the Critiques are not drawn upon, nor is there any termino logical paraphernalia to deter the listener. The Kantian ethic is there, right enough, but the teacher is feeling out after a theory of education. He is deeply interested in his theme, but his j attitude towards it is inductive and experi mental. He realised its importance and the Wtude of its issues, but also the imperfect and provisional nature of existing conclusions on the subject. There was his nine years' experience as a private tutor to correct any rash theorising — he used to say he had never been able to apply his own precepts in any specific case among his pupils! And his long academic career must have afiorded him very.

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Autor: C. A. Foley Rhys Davids
ISBN-13 :: 9780243682799
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Sprache: Englisch
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