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Autor: Clarence R. Wharton
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The Republic of Texas

A Brief History of Texas From the First American Colonies in 1821 to Annexation in 1846
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When the Austins came in 1821 and opened the way for people from the States, Texas history had its real beginning. Fifteen years later San Jacinto was fought and won and for ten years more Texas was a Republic. Then after one of the greatest political battles in American history, it became a State. This twenty-five years is the heroic period of Texas history.When the Democrats met in convention in Baltimore in 1844, the Whigs had nominated Henry Clay and declared against the annexation of Texas and ignored the acquisition of Oregon. Powerful forces among the Democrats, led by Van Buren and aided by Benton, worked to commit the party to the same course. But the Southern leaders seized the machinery of the convention, overthrew Van Buren, and named James K. Polk, of Tennessee, and boldly declared for the annexation of Texas and the acquisition of Oregon. The election of Polk committed the American people to both propositions. The advent of Texas into the Union was followed not only by all the country west to the Pacific, but North to the present Canadian border. San Jacinto set the tide of Saxon supremacy toward the Pacific and was indeed one of the decisive battles of the world.

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Autor: Clarence R. Wharton
ISBN-13 :: 9780243686650
ISBN: 024368665X
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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