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Heavenly Places

Addresses on the Book of Joshua
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Was it not-a cruel thing that Caleb and joshua were compelled to go back from Kadesh Barnea, the very line of the land ?owing with milk and honey, and live with their people forty years in the Wilderness, wherein was not even bread and water? They must do it. They were all ready to go on into the land and enjoy its corn, and Wine and Oil, its hills and valleys, showers and Springs, and to rejoice in them. Yet they had to return into the Wilderness where no corh could grow from the soil, but where bread must be given them from heaven on the face Of the sand and the rocks nor any wells did spring up in ever living Streams, except as brought forth by the rod of God. Forty years long they were compelled to wander there, after having seen the green hills and vine-clad slopes, and Olive yards, and springs, and streams, and ?ocks, and herds, with their own eyes, and after having taken into their hearts the assrirance Of God's promise that those Very hills and valleys, houses and lands, with all their wealth, belonged to them as God's gift, and should at once be put into their hands. A cruel thing it was. How came it? Who was to blame? Not they, for they were all ready. Not God, for He had given all by.

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Autor: Stevenson A. Blackwood
ISBN-13 :: 9780243698004
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