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Autor: Helen Campbell
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Prisoners of Poverty

Women Wage-Workers, Their Trades and Their Lives
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To Mr. Theodore Stanton, the editor of The Woman Question in Europe, I hasten to acknowledge my indebted ness. After reading that interesting book it occurred to me that a volume on the work of women in America could be made equally valuable and interesting. In the spring of 1888, therefore, I began to collect the neces sary material. Naturally it was not possible, nor did it seem desirable, to follow the exact lines of Mr. Stanton's work. In his book, each chapter is devoted to a different country, and the woman question therein is treated by the author of the chapter in all of its aspects) It seemed best, on the contrary, to divide the American history as nearly as possible into as many chapters as there are phases of woman's work. The task of selecting as collaborators eighteen women, where so many brilliant women abound, was a very difficult one I need say nothing in defense or explanation of my choice, however, but am satisfied to let the work done speak for itself.

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Autor: Helen Campbell
ISBN-13 :: 9780243701407
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