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Jeppe on the Hill

Or the Transformed Peasant; A Comedy in Five Acts
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In the fifteenth and. Sixteenth centuries two great Spiritual movements spread over Europe, the Renais sance and the Reformation. The former was confined principally to southern Europe, and did not in?uence the life or literature of the Scandinavian countries to any great extent. The Reformation, however, caused a new tho brief literary era, especially in Denmark, where the mother tongue was again accorded its proper place, and the people again began to think of a national future. Much had conspired to make the people of Europe lose faith in the old ideas. Copernicus had demonstrated that the earth was only a planet in an immense system, and Kepler and Galileo had taught that the earth circled about the sun, and that there was order and regularity in the movements of the heavenly bodies. Finally New ton announced his principle that the law of gravitation governed each and every one of these movements. All this together with the geographical discoveries of Col umbus, Magellan, De Gama and others, revolutionized people's ideas of the universe and of the earth. In December, 1684, just two weeks before Newton gave his first public lecture explaining his discovery, a child who was destined to become the founder of the Danish — Norwegian literature was born in Bergen, Nor way. That child was Ludvig Holberg. His parents died while the boy was but a few years old, and _he was brought up by relatives. Too weakly and small to be come a military man as his father had been, he was sent to the Latin School at Bergen. Eighteen years old he became a student at the University of Copen hagen. Two years later he became a student of theology. Lack of means compelled him to return to Bergen as a private tutor. But he soon determined to travel, and with a small sum of money he set out for Amsterdam. After considerable sickness and misfortune he returned to Norway. In 1706 there followed a journey to Eng land, where two years were spent, largely in study at Ox' ford. Later he made four other journeys to foreign countries. Two years were spent in France, and about a year in Italy.

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Autor: Waldemar C. Westergaard
ISBN-13 :: 9780243701520
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Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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