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Autor: John N. Beach
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History of the Fortieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry

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This volume is offered to survivors of the regiment as an outline history only; a bare statement of events with which we were closely identified, arranged chronologic ally, leaving comrades to supply details from memory. A more minute history would require access to official reports, orders etc., which the writer has not been able to obtain. What there is of the military history of the Officers and Men has been obtained under great difficulties. When the writer first determined to make a complete ros ter of the regiment, he expected to find all the material for such a paper in the adjutant-general's office, at 00 lumbus, but beyond the original muster-in rolls, this office has no records of our regiment, all others being at Washington City. Personal application for ermis sion to Copy, as well as a similar application by Adjutant General Smith, of our State, was met by the statement that no copy of the rolls could be made by others than the clerks of the Department, and that they were so pressed with work that the courtesy was impossible. For this reason, all facts as to recruits, promotions, transfers, discharges, deaths, etc., have been obtained through a very general correspondence with comrades, many of whom have valuable memoranda. Great care has been taken to verify all statements as to those killed, dying in hospital, discharged or transferred; and all those enrolled and not thus accounted for, or by muster-out, may fairly be presumed to have served out their full time.

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Autor: John N. Beach
ISBN-13 :: 9780243701582
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Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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