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The Festal Year

Or, the Origin, History, Ceremonies and Meaning of the Sundays, Seasons, Feasts and Festivals of the Church During the Year, Explained for the People
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In the days of the infancy of the Christian Church, when, with a mighty wind, the Holy Ghost in tongues of fire came down on the Apostles, he breathed into them his own divine wisdom, and kindled in their _hearts the fire of his love. Thus enlightened with the light of that fire from heaven and moved by the Holy Spirit, the Apostles and the followers of Christ dedicated the year, its days, its times and its seasons. To the-memory of the Saviour, to the mysteries of our redemption, and to the work of the Spirit of God, in saving the generations of men, as they come and go upon the stage of this world. They took the finest passages and parts of the Old and of the New Testa ments, the inspired words of the ancient Patriarchs, the magnificent canticles of the Prophets, the simple yet sublime writings of the Apostles and their succes sors, and of them formed for each Sunday, Season, Feast and Festival, an Office of praise, of prayer and of thanksgiving unto God. Such was the beginning of that striking and magnificent ceremonial or Liturgy of the Church, called the Latin Rite. In the following pages will be Opened up before you, in a clear and simple manner, the origin, history, meaning and ceremonies of the Christian Year, which the Church uses in her public Services, when her prayers, her praises, and her thanksgivings ascend ever up before the throne of God. Spouse of Christ, and directed by the Holy Spirit, she offers daily unto our Creator a Service and a Sacrifice worthy of the Godhead and worthy of our study.

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Autor: Jas
ISBN-13 :: 9780243714599
ISBN: 0243714599
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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