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Autor: W. Walter Edwards
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The Poor Law

A Proposal for Its Abolition
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When society makes a law by which every one of its members is protected against the consequences of his idle fuess or want of thrift, to whatever extent these may be pushed, a course is adopted exactly opposite to that which is pursued by Nature. Society in England says to the lazy and unthrifty, If you do not care to work, you shall be supported by the State you shall not, indeed, be provided with luxuries, but you shall have sufficient food and shelter; you need not fear that any serious task of work will be demanded of you. If, during your youth and manhood, you choose to labour, Well and good, but it is not necessary for you to lay up a provision for sickness or old age; you can spend all your spare cash on beer, gin, and luxuries, because you will be provided for at the public charge, in decency and tolerable comfort, when you are no longer able to work Nature, on the other hand, says to man, in unmistakable Fan guage, If you do not work, you shall die like a dog in a ditch. Is the method of Society, or that of Nature, more merciful?

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Autor: W. Walter Edwards
ISBN-13 :: 9780243722594
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Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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