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The Millennial Dawn Heresy

An Examination of Pastor Charles T. Russell's Teaching Concerning the Purpose of the Second Advent and the Millennium as Set Forth in His Published Books and Papers "the Divine Plan of the Ages," and Others of Similar Import
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While Pastor of the North Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, Allegheny City, now Pittsburgh, I had a chance to study Russellism at close range, for that city was at that time the home of Pastor Charles T. Russell. He frequently assumed what seemed to me a belligerent attitude, and declared that orthodox ministers dare not meet the issues which he championed. Believing his whole system erroneous, and that it ought to be exposed, capeei ally for those to whom it most strongly appealed persons the least able to discover its errors — I pro posed to him that we publicly debate those views which he was putting forth in opposition to the cur rent theological opinions. Six debates were accord ingly arranged, and these took place in Carnegie Music Hall, Allegheny City, in the Autumn of 1903.

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Autor: E. L. Eaton
ISBN-13 :: 9780243722921
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