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The Harmony of the Prophetic Word

A Key to Old Testament Prophecy Concerning Things to Come
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Arno C. Gaebelein
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Having had the privilege of reading advance sheets of the present book, it is both a pleasure and a privilege to commend it to all who are interested in the study of "the prophetic Word made surer" (2 Peter 1:19). All students of prophecy are sure to be interested in a presentation of the chief contents of the prophetic Scriptures which is so original in scope and method.But I would more especially bespeak for this book the attention of those who are not students of prophecy. Unfortunately this class includes the enormous majority of present-day believers. No fact is at once more patent or more lamentable than that the writings of the prophets are little read and less comprehended.Doubtless there are many reasons for this condition. The characteristic of the present age is a reckless and unreasoning optimism. On every hand we are assured that the church is "marching grandly on to the conquest of the world," and that despite the fact that after one hundred years of missions there are 200,000,000 more heathen to convert than at the beginning of that century.

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