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Living London

Its Work and Its Play, Its Humour and Its Pathos, Its Sights and Its Scenes
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George Robert Sims
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Market prologue Early Morning M'i'dnight london awakes Out all Night Late and Early At 4 a. M. In Covent Garden Market. Morning Toilet (trafalgar Square) Rest before Work Outside the Mansion House, 9 am. IN london barracks Sentry g-o Sounding Reveille (chelsea) Married Quarters (chelsea) An Officer's Quarters (the Tower) Recreation Room (wellington Barracks). Selling a Deserter's Kit Officers at Mess (the Tower) A Soldier's Pass Asleep marrying london A Salxation Army Wedding A Bicycle I edding A Wedding of Ten Couples (walworth) A Wedding of Five Couples (hoxton) A Fashionable Wedding (st Paul's, Knightsbridge) A jewish Wedding russia IN east london Russian Newspaper Seller In the Ghetto Bank The Russians' Post Office: Exterior and Interior Russians in East London The Free Russian Library Inscription on Library Door Russian letter-i'riter In an east-end Russian Restaurant AT the front door At her Ladyship' s F ront Door. 'i he King and Queen Leaxing Buckinghahi Palace. The Bride Goes Away A Happy Little Group Back from Shopping A Move in Slumopolis. King Baby. Murder! Good bye, Mother. The house OF commons The Speaker's Procession Hats Off, Strangers A Reporters' Room in the Press Gallery Members and Visitors in the Outer Lobby An oltender at the Bar Tea on the Terrace In the Smoking Room: The Division Hell Rings Who Goes Home 3 MY ladv's afternoon IN london Bond Street 4 pm. An Afternoon Call At the Manicurist's Polo Playing (ranelagh) Ladies' Driving Competition (ranelagh)

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