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Luther’s Commentary on the First Twenty-Two Psalms

Based on Dr. Henry Cole's Translation From the Original Latin; Revised, Enlarged, Parts Retranslated and Edited in Complete Form
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John Nicholas Lenker
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But, most illustrious Prince, neither of these Ino tives answer my design. For, in the first place, I am aware that none of the productions which proceed from me, deserve a patron and so far, it is a happiness that I know my deficiency. And, even if I could pro duce that which should be worthy of the sanction of a patron's name, yet I should by no means be anxious to put it under a patron's protection. Nay, as soon as «i learnt from the Holy Scriptures, how terror-filled and perilous a matter it was to preach publicly in the church of God, and to speak in the midst of those whom you know will one day be your judges, and that in the pre sence of God the beholder of all things, in the sight of angels, and in the sight and hearing of all creatures, there was nothing that I So much desired as Silence, wishing also, that a sponge could deface all that ever I: had in my poor foolish way published abroad. For it is a momentous and awe-striking matter to render an ac count unto God even for every idle word. Nor does he now keep me in the ministry of the Word, but by an overruled Obedience to a will above my own, that is, his divine will: for, as to my own will, it always shrunk from it, nor is it fully reconciled unto into this hour.

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