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Outlines of Old Testament History

Progressive Grade, With Written-Answer Questions for the Older Classes
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Philip A. Nordell
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This Outline of Old Testament History has been prepared in the hope that it may be found useful in giving a clear conception of the progress of events connected with the history of the chosen people. One of the most important questions in the preparation of such an outline is whether the lessons shall be extended over two or more years, or be condensed into a single year. At first thought the larger number of lessons may seem preferable because they give time for a more careful study of details. But in outline study it is of the first importance not to dwell on details, for otherwise the outlines are lost in a maze of subordinate incidents. Such has been the experience of multitudes in the study of the Old Testament. The principal thing to be sought in such study is a comprehensive survey of the whole history, and the smaller the number of lessons in which this can be done the better. The details may be studied later as occasion arises. A careful analysis of Old Testament history shows that it can readily be treated in about forty topics, each repte senting a distinct forward step in the history. We regard it of primary importance that each of these topics or steps be covered by a single lesson and no more, so that the topic and its significance shall stand out clearly before the mind. These outlines have been arranged in accordance with this principle.

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