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Through the Wilds

A Record of Sport and Adventure in the Forests of New Hampshire and Maine
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Charles A. J. Farrar
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View IN boston harbor sation both interesting and amus ing, judging from their earnestness and the hearty peals of laughter that were occasionally wafted to the bystanders. With an author's license, we will play eavesdropper for a few moments, while taking a mental survey of them. They are American boys, well dressed, with bright and intelligent faces, and their ages apparently from fifteen to eighteen. Quarter past eight, exclaimed the youngest, taking out a nice silver watch and referring to it: in fifteen minutes more we shall be afloat on the briny deep. We are now, Dick, returned the eldest, laughing, for the water under us is briny, and deep also. High tide, you know. Don't catch a fellow up so quick, George; if you begin that sort of thing now, and propose to continue it during the trip, we shall bury you somewhere in the wilds, and return without you, and Dick gave his elder friend a good-natured poke in the ribs. The young gentlemen thus brought to our notice have long been friends, and are to take a summer vacation together in New England, and have already resolved to spend the most of it in the woods.

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