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John Huss

His Life, Teachings and Death, After Five Hundred Years
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David S. Schaff
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John Huss came from the ancient Kingdom of Bohemia, but his voice belongs to our collective religious heritage. He carved a place for himself in the history of revolutionary theology by taking a position that was dangerously contrary to the orthodoxy of his time and his church. Whether Roman Catholic, protestant or of an orthodox denomination this work has far reaching implications for all Christians and scholars. Orthodox denominations find in his style of preaching a resonance with the roots of their church and an older style of religious leadership. Huss can rightly be said to have rocked the Roman Catholic Church to its very foundations, threatening to rip Bohemia permanently from the bosom of mother Church. His subsequent death sentence was utterly unsuccessful in attempting to consign his views to the inferno. To Protestants, particularly those who know the roots of rebellion run deeper and further than Martin Luther ever dreamed, Huss is a hero and a martyr for the cause of religious reformation. He redefined church, fellowship within Christianity and the nature of religious orthodoxy was changed forever by his radical message. To those who do not believe he represents the powerful figure of a man of conscience, determined to get his message to the masses, no matter what it cost him personally. To some John Huss remains unabsolved, unforgiven, but his resolute conviction, right to the very end ensures that as readers we realise he also remains unapologetic. A tragic, racing read by David Schaff that ensures that we know the value of standing up for those beliefs we hold dear as well as the terrible cost.

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