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The Memoir of John Woodbridge, D. D

His Method of Work; His Great Success in Powerful Revivals, in High Moral and Educational Influences; His Theological Views; And the Theological Controversies of His Time, Beginning With the "New Departure" Of Stoddard
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Sereno Dickenson Clark
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We regard strength, profundity, acuteness, as the deepest, the most pervasive constituents of his intel lect, which was pre-eminently metaphysical, capable of seizing, analyzing, and arranging the most abstract ideas and the subtlest mental phenomena. Hence as a biblical student' he was a penetrating, far-reaching, and clear theologian. Surface thought could never satisfy him. His leading moral qualities we believe were great depth of emotion, conscientiousness, rev erence, boldness, firmness. Hence, as a divine, honest and searching, prayerfully ascertaining his ground, he planted himself immovably as a preacher, he was equal ly decisive and determined. No just biography of him can be written, which does not exhibit him as a meta physician, a profound and steadfast theologian; which does not give an analysis of his theology as developing itself from the deepest thought of the moral universe the Divine glory as shining forth in Christ, — and his profound love of that glory as its informing spirit. His theological controversies must also come under review. As he shared in that which grew out of the Stoddardean departure from the principles and practice of the Puritans; which grew out of the Unitarian defection.

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