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Early Chicago

A Lecture, Delivered Before the Sunday Lecture Society, at McCormick Hall, on Sunday Afternoon, May 7th, 1876
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John Wentworth
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All must admit, that there has been more said about the history of Chicago, and more important publications made, the past year than ever before. Booksellers inform me that they have had within the past year, a greater demand than in all time before for all works appertaining to the history of the Northwest, and that they have had, all the while, standing orders for such works as are out of print. And it is to encourage a still further research that I address you to day. And, if the result of this year's researches is not satisfactory, I shall feel myself in duty bound to ad dress you again in a year from this time. Many aged settlers have thanked me for bringing them into a higher appreciation. One octogenarian lady informs me that, for the past fifteen years, when any young company came to the house, she was expected to leave the room. After my lecture, she said she saw a gentleman approaching the house, and she left the room as usual. But soon her granddaughter came out and said, It is you he wants. And this was the first gentleman caller she had had for fifteen years. When she entered the room, and he told her he wanted to inquire about early Chicago, she felt as if her youth had come again, and she told the others that it was their time to leave the room. She said, He has been to see me six times, and has printed nearly all I said.

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