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The Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God

An Exposition
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MY work has been principally that of verifying and correcting references. There are however some, chie?y very short ones and of minor im portance, which I have failed to discover, and these I have left as the author put them. The only important changes relate to ss. Anselm and Bonaventure; to the former has been attri buted a work probably written by his nephew, and to the latter the writings of an unknown author. Here, then, the citations must be taken as simple witnesses to contemporary, or nearly contem porary thought, although they cannot claim the additional value arising from connection with those two honoured names. I have substituted a clearer and more decisive passage from St Bernard's letter to the canons of Lyons in place of that originally given. The notes and ad ditions prepared by the author himself for a second edition I have put in as directed.

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Autor: Ullarthorne
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