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Autor: Samuel Bannister Harding
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Essentials in Mediæval History

From Charlemagne to the Close of the Fifteenth Century
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It is perhaps needless to say that it is not expected that the book will comprise the whole Of the instruction given, even in an elementary course, in this field. Formal and informal lec tures by the instructor, collateral reading in the books referred to at the close of the chapters, the use of a source book such as that prepared by Ogg or by Robinson, the preparation Of maps to fix geographical facts, and Of occasional essays or reports to broaden here and there the narrow trail of classroom instruction, — all these are presupposed as means Of equal if not greater value than the text-book itself. The book affords what it is hoped will be found to be a clear, scholarly, com pact outline, which can be filled in in various ways. Its aim is to be accurate in substance and definite in statement, to seize the vital and interesting facts, and as far as possible to give that concreteness of treatment which is necessary in deal ing with matters so remote and alien as those which fill the history Of the Middle Ages. These are the ideas which underlie this little book, and it is hoped that its chapters may be as successful elsewhere, as a basis for Freshman instruction in mediaeval history, as they have already proved to be in Indiana University.

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Autor: Samuel Bannister Harding
ISBN-13 :: 9780243736997
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Sprache: Englisch
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