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Address Before the Alpha Delta Phi Society of Miami University

On the Study of the Classics
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In the spring of 1826 he entered the Clinton Academy, then under the care of Mr. Rilmarth. This teacher succeeded in firing him with new interest in all departments of education, and while with him his young pupil became fully possessed of that spirit which heeded no difficulties and hesitated before no task. Especially did he discover at this time an unusual talent for declamation and creditable facility in composition, quite surprising himself by his success. The first production of his own which he exhibited in public was a eulogy on Henry Kirke vhite, which in its style both or rhetoric and elocution, was regarded by those who heard it as indicative of great promise. The fact that on ithe threshold of his own short career, he should have been in such sympathy with that brilliant young poet whose genius really destroyed the frail body by which it was represented, may almost be considered prophetic of what would be true of himself.

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Autor: Samuel Eells
ISBN-13 :: 9780243737062
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Sprache: Englisch
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