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A Commentary on the Apostles’ Creed

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Tyrannius Rufinus
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I. MY mind, most faithful Bishop Laurentius, has as little inclination as capacity for writing; for I know that to submit to general criticism a poor and feeble intelligence is a matter of no small peril. In your letter, however, you rashly, if you will pardon the expression, entreat me by the Sacraments of Christ, which I ever hold in the greatest reverence, to com pose something for you on the subject of the Faith, in accord ance with the tradition and meaning of the Creed. Now, although by your demand you impose upon me a burden which is beyond my strength — for indeed I do not forget the saying of the wise that it is dangerous to speak of God even what is true, yet, if you will aid by your prayers the obligation laid upon me by your request, I will endeavour to say something, more from a respect for your commands than from any false confidence in my own ability. And what I shall say will seem not so much deserving of con sideration by the fully instructed as adapted to the under standing of children and first beginners in Christ.

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