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Autor: Eberhard Schrader
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The Cuneiform Inscriptions and the Old Testament

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The English edition differs in some important respects from the original German work. In the English translation the excursus Of Dr. Haupt on the Babylonian ?ood-story and its accompanying glossary are omitted. All the main points, however, in the cuneiform dood-legend that touch upon the Biblical account are stated by Dr. Schrader in the pages Of this volume, and he has kindly added to the English edition a succinct account of the Chaldaean ?ood-story and has likewise appended the translation of an important ex tract Of the cuneiform text, with which corresponding pas sages from the scriptural account are compared in an opposite parallel column. The English edition also embodies the corrections and additions to the German original furnished by Dr. Schrader himself, as the translation was being passed through the press; and I would take this Opportunity of expressing my great Obligations to the author for the valuable aid he has rendered. Every sheet that came from the printer has had the advantage Of the author's revision, and in the transcrip tion Of the cuneiform texts and elsewhere a very large number of corrections and improvements have been introduced. Occasional notes Of my own have been added which are in every case enclosed in square brackets, with Tr. Or Translator appended.

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Autor: Eberhard Schrader
ISBN-13 :: 9780243747115
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Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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