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Recent Discoveries on the Temple Hill at Jerusalem

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The object of this little volume is to place within the reach of all readers interested in the subject, in an attractive form, the results of the excavations made on the Temple Hill at Jerusalem during the last twenty years. The skill and energy of the Engineers of the Palestine Exploration Fund overcame almost insuperable obstacles, and although all that could be desired has not yet been done, and many points are still doubtful which further excavation might settle, they have fairly earned the gratitude of all Biblical students.The wonderful evidences that have been brought to light of the architectural skill and building power of Solomon and his successors not only confirm in the strongest manner the Sacred Records, but they help us more vividly to recall the buildings and ceremonials of the remote past.The visitor to Jerusalem can now, if so disposed, see the very stones placed in position by the masons of Solomon. He can explore the surprising system by which water was brought to the Temple Hill and stored there.

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Autor: J. King
ISBN-13 :: 9780243747146
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