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Autor: Robert M. Wright
ISBN-13: 9780243747269
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Dodge City, the Cowboy Capital and the Great Southwest

In the Days of the Wild Indian, the Buffalo, the Cowboys, Dance Halls, Gambling Halls and Bad Men
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I have often thought that did I possess but an atom of the genius of a Kipling, what an interesting narrative might I write of the passing events of that period. It would be another forceful proof of the trite saying that, Truth is stranger than fiction. Had I but kept a diary of each day's events as they occurred, from the first time entered the great West, what rich food it would be to the novelist, and how strange to the present generation would be the reading. If you wish to feel yourself more comfortable than a king while listening to the sweetest strains of music, come back into a warm, pleasant home with its comforts and listen to the crackle of a cheerful, open wood fire, after being out in cold and storm for a month or two, never, during that time, being near a house or comfortable habitation, while every moment being in terror of Indian attack, or suffering from cold and storm really more ter rible than Indian attack, sitting up the greater part ofthe night to keep from freezing, and riding hard all day on the morrow. In the joy of the change, you will im agine yourself in the heaven of heavens. How many of us have often experienced these feelings on the frontier of Kansas in the early days. Yet this kind of a life gives one a zest for adventure, for it is a sort of adventure to which he not only becomes accustomed but attached. In fact, there is a fascination about it difficult to resist, and, having once felt its power, one could not permit himself to give it up. In writing these stories, I have yielded to the request of my friends, principally, for the reason that there are but few men left who saw these things, and I, too, will soon pass away. But before I go, I want to leave behind a feeble description of the greatest game country on earth, as well as of the game that roamed over it, and of its people, and various phases of life. No doubt, many readers of this book who are reared in Christian homes under proper influences and, by reason of wholesome teachings, parental care and guidance and pure environments, will naturally conclude that Dodge City, in its early period, did not offer the best social climate in the world.

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Autor: Robert M. Wright
ISBN-13 :: 9780243747269
ISBN: 0243747268
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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