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Autor: James D. Cleaver
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History of the Scotch Plains Baptist Church

From Its Organization on the Fifth of August 1747 to Its One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary on the Fifth of August 1897
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Therefore, be it Resolved, that Dr. James H. Parks and Judge James D. Cleaver be, and they are hereby appointed to go over the records of the Church and of this Board from the date of the founding of the Church down to the date of the Anniversary in 1897, and collate and arrange in Chronological order the prominent and interesting events which have come to the Church in her long and eventful career, as the first Standard bearer of religion in this Community — as the Mother of Churches, and as one of the pillars of piety, law, liberty of conscience and civil order for the State. Resolved, that the paper so prepared shall, when approved by this Board be printed for distribution on the Anniversary day aforesaid; and afterwards, together with the Observances of the day be put into a Souvenir volume to be sold to any persons desiring to have them. The Committee have accordingly endeavored to prepare a reliable History as to facts and dates. They acknowledge valuable help received from the History of Baptists, by Dr. Armitage, The Baptist Encyclopedia by Dr. Cathcart, The Bi Centennial of the Piscataway Baptist Church, The One hundred and fiftieth Anniversary of the Hightstown Baptist Church, The Minutes of the Philadelphia, New York and East New Jersey Associations; as well as from the memories of some of the older members of the Scotch Plains Church.

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Autor: James D. Cleaver
ISBN-13 :: 9780243747306
ISBN: 0243747306
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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