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A Dictionary of the Isle of Wight Dialect

And of Provincialisms Used in the Island
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The following pages aim at giving — besides a Dictionary of the dialect — Illustrations of the use of the words, and specimens of the every — day talk and forms of expression current among the peasantry of the Isle of Wight. The list of words could easily have been made more extensive, but many found in other parts Of the country as well as in the Island have been purposely omitted although a number equally as common have been retained, from a desire to make the collection as complete a transcript as possible of the provincial vernacular. The Glossary of Isle of Wight Words edited by Mr. C. R. Smith for the English Dialect Society has been of the greatest service in the compilation of this, (though the larger part of the matter here printed was collected before its appearance in and considerable assistance has been afforded by the Glossary of Hampshire Words compiled by the Rev. Sir W. H. Cope for the same Society. Alterman's Glossary of Wiltshire Words and Barnes' Glossary of the Dorset Dialect have also been oc casionally consulted.

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Autor: W. H. Long
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