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The Origin and Destiny of Man

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The following discourses were delivered 111 the ordinary course of pastoral labors, and without the least thought that thev should ever reach the public in print. Indeed, the first one was published before I knew that it had been reported. Their appearance in book form now is due to the request of those who heard them — a request that I could not well deny, and yet, knowing how imperfect the work must be, felt reluctant to grant. I could not revise them, beyond some mere verbal corrections, or the addition of' an occasional sen tence, without writing them entire, and then they would have ceased to be what they now honestly are, verbatim reports; and so I let them go to the world, word for word, as caught by the faithful stenographer. Anything like an exhaustive discussion of so large a subject was not possible in a few brief talks nor was more attempted than to suggest outlines of thought, and in some measure to direct the thinking of those who came to hear. As to the views here expressed, I can only say that they are such as have taken shape in my own mind as seeming to be most reasonable, and possibly nearest the truth. On many points I felt-and, feeling it, expressed — a sense of uncertainty. The dogmatists who know, or rather think they know, everything, will probably not find satisfaction in reading these pages. But those who, with myself, deeply conscious of the mystery of life, are glad to see at all, even though it be through a glass darkly, may, I trust, find some thought or word to help them by the way.

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Autor: H. W. Thomas
ISBN-13 :: 9780243747559
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Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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