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First Year Harmony

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William Lovelock
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Lovelock's First Year Harmony sets out all that the musical student could wish to know about harmonic resource. In this book each new learner will find all they need in the area of chords and their decoration, and find their appetite whetted for the following books. This work is considered indispensable material for study by many musical educators and has stood the test of time. 'First Year Harmony' ranges through subjects such as harmonic resource, and makes a concise review of all that a student could require in the way of chords and chord decoration. The candidate for an exam would be well served by this book but any student of music has something to gain from this book. Lovelock wrote with remarkable clarity and he provided the reader with many exercises and a broad, illustrative range of examples. This edition remains utterly respectful to Lovelock’s original work but it also adds even more for its reader, with additional examples added to allow the reader to fully assimilate and practice their newly acquired knowledge and retain the information.To leave the would-be student with a message, it would be remiss to fail to pass on Lovelock him self’s stern words, encouraging those who would learn in a meaningful way from the materials he laid down. ‘It must be firmly impressed on the student that what follows is to be studied, not merely read’.

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