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Lancashire Registers III

Northern Part
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J. P. Smith
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It is very unfortunate that the old mission of Ulverston, which represented all Lonsdale north of the sands, cannot produce any register older than the one now printed. Fr Thomas Daniel alias West, s.j., who was a well-known historian and genealogist, was in charge of this mission from 1767 to 1779, and it seems hardly credible that he did not keep a register but although every effort has been made to find one in various likely places, the search has so far proved fruitless. A similar attempt at Thurnham was more fortunate, and resulted in the finding of a burial register not previously known to be in existence. As the archdiocese of Liverpool contains some sixty old registers, all of which are now transcribed, whilst the diocese of Salford may yield about twenty more, some of which are also ready, and the total number printed is only twenty-one, it will be seen that there still remains much to be done for Lancashire alone. Subscribers in the County Palatine, however, cannot expect to have any more work done at the expense of the Society for some time but as it is extremely desirable that these records should be preserved ere it is too late, it is to be hoped that when the present war is over, some effort may be made locally to collect funds for this purpose.

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