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Library Illustrative of Social Progress

From the Original Editions
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Henry Thomas Buckle
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She afked me, in a whifper, if I wrote it. I told her I did; obferving, at the fame time, that it was an old flight of poetry that I concluded fhe muft have met with. She made me no reply, but, in an under voice, the muttered to herfelf, Impertinent minx Upon my word, Mifs Saucebox and a number of expref fions of this nature, fufficient to convince me (he was forely mortified. When my father left church, he rode off with the widower before-mentioned to dinner, and my exafperated coufin and I took our feats in the carriage. She obferved a profound filence all the way home, which was above two miles, nor did {he utter a word to me till {he had been a quarter-of-an-hour at home, when {he came into the parlour with a fmile, and bid me bring her her gloves, which fhe left in her own room, as {he intended taking a walk in the garden before dinner. I tripped up fiairs as merry as a lark, and bouncing into her room to look for the gloves.

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