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Malagasy for Beginners

A Series of Graduated Lessons and Exercises in Malagasy as Spoken by the Hovas
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J. Richardson
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HE want of some such book as malagasy fob beginners has long been felt. In the following pages an attempt has been made to supply that want. In many places it will be seen, by those who are conversant with the Rev. W. E. Cousins' introduction, that I have been greatly indebted to him for much that appears in this book; and in some consecutive sections I have closely followed his order, simply because I thought it was the best. Mr. Cousins most readily agreed to all 'i asked of him, and I desire here to express my indebtedness to him. There is much that I think will be found put in a new light and simplified in the book The tables are purposely made long, for only by seeing and learning the words can a beginner know the peculiar terminations of passive verbs, verbal nouns, and derivative adjectives, etc. I think I should adopt a somewhat different grouping of the various passive terminations, were I to write the book again; the first three groups of passive terminations (pp. 20-23) are undoubtedly one. I have found it very difficult at times to keep to one thing at a time, and there is so much overlapping and interweaving in the book that I lay myself open to the cha1 go of having had no fixed purpose' 'in my mind. A little thought will show, I think, that previous intention has made the book what it is.

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